Gardening 101

You don't have to have a big yard to have a home garden.

A balcony off your apartment, some containers at your backdoor, or even your windowsill are all places where you can plant a garden.

We've seen food shortages in recent times, and they may become more commonplace. We want to help you grow your own garden so that you'll be able to feed your family nutritious food all the time.

In these seven classes, you'll learn a lot of gardening skills and literally get your hands dirty as we put them into practice together. The classes will be held every 2 weeks, starting Sunday, January 7, 2024 with the last class on Sunday, March 31, just in time to launch your own home garden this spring.

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Topics to be covered

  • organic gardening
  • small-scale gardening
  • composting
  • irrigation
  • sprouting seeds
  • saving seeds
  • preserving food